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JAD enterprises is an IT consultancy that has been providing high quality services for more than 20 years. Throughout its history it has provided a wide range of IT solutions across a range of industry sectors. With this experience it has decided to focus on the provision of niche consultancy services to its customers and core partners.

About us

JAD enterprises was founded in 1999 by Carl Evans and Jim Druce, following their time working across several industry sectors and major organisations, such as the BBC, BAA and Diabetes UK.

During their time managing the business there have been a number of highlights, a few of which are as follows:

  • Ethical IT - the setup and ongoing involvement in the operation of a leading edge MSP, which provides state of the art IT services to customers based on Microsoft cloud and associated technologies.
  • Infohealth - the development of a medical equipment asset management system for the healthcare sector. During our 15 year involvement the system was implemented and utilised by approx. 25% of the NHS at trusts such as NHS Great Ormond Street hospital in London.
  • CRM - we have been instrumental in providing CRM based technology to organisations in relation to Microsoft Dynamics / Power Platform, Salesforce and other CRM platforms.
  • Blockchain - in recent years we have been involved in R&D projects associated with blockchain technology, across healthcare and entertainment sectors.

Our People

To find out more about Carl and Jim, see their professional bios at Ethical IT

What we do

We are focused on the following services:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM - provision of management and technical consultancy services around the core components, including the Power Platform.
  • Blockchain R&D Projects - along with core partners we are seeking to implement blockchain technology for healthcare, entertainment and other sectors.
  • Managed Services Provider (MSP) Services via our associated company Ethical IT.
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Contact us

If you wish to make contact with JAD enterprises regarding any of the services that we offer, please use the following email address: